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Review of Grokking Magento

In 2014 a newcomer to Magento is, all things considered, in much better shape than a newcomer was in 2009. While far from complete, the developer's series (originally written by me, since updated by Magento staff) gives a developer the grounding they need in


OroCRM Frontend Asset Pipeline

I'm willing to concede this might be my inner frozen caveman developer talking, but right now "frontend web development" seems like it's in a crises of chaos. Frontend developers, (the folks writing CSS, Javascript, and building our application UIs), have never had such a


Magento Cross Area Sessions

Happy spring everyone, today it's just a quick post about a new Magento module I've put up on GitHub enabling cross area sessions. This module allows you to access information about the logged in admin user from Magento's frontend cart application, or access information