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August, 2013 10

Advanced Magento Logging

Advanced Magento Logging Came across this hackathon project via this Stack Exchange question. I haven’t used the linked logger, but back when I worked for a living emailing exceptions to a central list was a key development best practice. (And ignoring those exceptions was a key development anti-pattern that drove me into my own [...]


No More Class Aliases

That last post made me realize I hadn’t mentioned one of the biggest changes to Magento 2: No more class aliases. Magento still has factory methods for instantiating objects, but instead of the shorter, more elegant, and confusing class aliases Mage::getModel('catalog/product'); You use a full PHP class name [...]


Magento 2: Multiple .htaccess Files

The current Magento 2 source code has a number of different .htaccess files ./.htaccess ./app/.htaccess ./dev/.htaccess ./downloader/.htaccess ./downloader/template/.htaccess ./lib/.htaccess ./pub/.htaccess ./pub/errors/.htaccess ./pub/lib/.htaccess ./pub/media/.htaccess ./pub/media/customer/.htaccess ./pub/media/downloadable/.htaccess [...]


Magento 2: The `pub` Folder

Magento 2 seems to be moving in a more Symfony/Zend 2/modern direction by splitting out the source folder (app) from the publicly browsable folder (pub). This is good, but the default distribution has a little weirdness — there’s two index.php files. There’s the one you’d expect in pub pub/index.php and then [...]


Magento 2: Developer Mode

For reasons that are way too complicated to get into on Magento Quickies, while Magento 2 still has the concept of a developer mode, there’s no longer a Mage::setIsDeveloperMode method. If you’d been lazily (like me. cough) editing index.php to switch your site into developer mode, that won’t work anymore. Your only [...]