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May, 2013 10

Installing OroCRM on Mac OS X

This week OroCRM released an early version of their new open source business application framework and CRM suite. This article is extensibly about solving the symfony/icu v1.2.0-RC1 requires lib-icu >=4.4 problem some Mac based developers ran into when installing this


Magento 1.13 and MySQL Triggers

Magento 1.13 and MySQL Triggers I know “no more consulting” was a great business move for Varient/Magento Inc./etc., but the folks building Magento’s core are slowly loosing touch with the day-to-day needs of working developers. I’m glad there’s folks like Robert willing to suffer the slings and arrows of [...]


Magento Connect Bookmarklet

Stop me if this sounds familiar. Hey look, a Magento Connect extension, let’s try it out Oh, right, I need to be logged in to get the extension key Where’s that password again? [knocks over pills] Waiting for Magento site to log me in [Still waiting] There are, of course (I assume), reasons for Magento to force a sign-in [...]