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July, 2011 10

Magento Caches Database Columns

When you’re creating custom Magento models, it’s common to to add and remove fields to and from a database table during development before finalizing a set of columns for the setup resource/migration file. One thing to keep in mind while you’re doing this is that Magento will cache the list of table columns each model [...]


Consistant Config Node Naming

When you first have that ah-ha moment with the Magento System Configuration creator, your first instinct is to start creating a lot of extra configuration values for your features and modules. It’s easy enough to think “hey, I’d like to add another email address to the Store Email Addresses section” There’s [...]


Half FYI for new Commerce Bug users, half shameless plug. This screencast covers the programable access control list features of Commerce Bug. That is, it shows you how you can hide Commerce Bug from certain users (Managers!) and show it to others (Developers!) (Source: